Dr H, Research scientist, academia

We've used several Oxford Genetics plasmids in recent projects, and have appreciated how easy it is to clone our genes of interest from one plasmid to another - giving us a range of different reporter and expression constructs, and peptide-tagged constructs for purification, all generated from only a few core plasmids. The Oxford Genetics concept has certainly simplified cloning in our lab, and we would unreservedly recommend their products to others. We would also recommend the cloning protocols available through their website as great tools to teach genetic engineering to new students and technicians.


Dr O, University Lecturer

Our point of contact, provided us with rapid replies and excellent advice. Whatever time I sent an email he would always provide a reply! He entered into discussions about the approach with me as a colleague, rather than as a salesman, which was extremely reassuring and refreshing.


Dr S., Research scientist, industry

For me it, was a smooth transaction. The shipping was very fast, and I did not face any problems. The plasmids all worked well.

Your company provided an excellent service meeting our expectations in every way. We were of course a little unsure of using an unknown company in the first instance and I must admit we approached ***; however, we decided against using them after speaking to Ryan Cawood who always answered questions rapidly, gave great advice and seemed genuinely interested in what we wanted to do. 


Dr R, Chief Scientific Officer, Industry

I would just like to thank you for the cloning work we commissioned recently. The plasmids arrived very quickly and all questions were answered with expert knowledge as and when they were asked. The SnapFast plasmid system really is the next logical step in cloning and we shall be using Oxford Genetics for all our cloning in the future. Additionally, having access to all the sequences online in a totally open and IP-free format is a breath of fresh air compared the current commercial climate. Let’s hope this model becomes the norm, for the benefit of all scientific areas involving DNA.


Dr W., Head of Product Development, Industry

Oxford Genetics have provided an excellent vector and gene design service for us. Through initial discussions Oxford Genetic's scientists imparted a great deal of insight and experience into the design of a vector tailor made to our needs. Products were provided on time with all necessary information. At all stages, including after delivery, Oxford Genetic's scientists have shown a desire to ensure that the product meets our requirements. Throughout the process it had the feel and positive results of a collaboration rather than service. I would highly recommend Oxford Genetics.