Cell Line Development

Oxford Genetics aims to be your partner of choice, emphasising our commitment to both quality and innovation within the field, driven by our team of expert scientific staff. Cell line development is the process of generating stable, recombinant, cell lines expressing heterologous products, such as proteins or viruses. Our laboratory team have expertise expressing a wide range of challenging proteins, and developed the first method to constitutively express toxic proteins such as VSV-G.


Stable Cell Lines for Recombinant Protein Expression

Oxford Genetics has highly characterised Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) and human embryonic kidney (HEK)-293 animal component free, suspension adapted, host cell lines. These lines can be readily modified for the expression of your protein of interest. Stable cell lines are developed using established approaches; Glutamine synthetase, fluorescent reporter, or antibiotic-based selection in CHO cells, and fluorescent or antibiotic-based selection in HEK-293 cells.


Frequently customers will request cell line development after using our DNA design and protein optimisation services, allowing the selection of the optimal gene and vector sequences expressing the maximal amount of recombinant product to be used for cell line production. This can also factor in a developability assessment to identify any potential molecule-specific issues in panels of lead candidates.


We have in-house experience for a diverse set of recombinant proteins including; cytokines, enzymes, multi-membrane span signalling molecules, cytosolic proteins, and a wide range of monoclonal and antibody fragment formats. Stable cell lines can be generated as stable pools following selection, or clonal cell lines can be produced using FACS deposition or limited dilution. Extensive analytical methods are available to characterise the resultant cell lines, including product yield and quality, as well as genetic analysis of transgene copy number and stability.


Stable Cell Lines for cGMP Manufacture of Recombinant Proteins 

Further to our research-grade stable cell line offerings, full cell line development services are available at Oxford Genetics for the generation of clonal CHO cell lines suitable for transfer to cGMP manufacture.


Stable Packaging Cell Lines for Viral Expression and Production

The current industry standard for the commercial production of recombinant viruses relies on the use of transient expression methods in adherent cell lines. At Oxford Genetics, we are developing stable HEK293-based packaging cell lines to allow expression of industrially applicable viruses, such as adeno-associated virus (AAV) and lentivirus in suspension format. This approach makes us your partner of choice for virus cell line development, providing significant advantages in terms of productivity and process scalability, both of which are highly important in meeting the increased demand for viral particles for cell and gene therapy applications.

Building on Oxford Genetics’ optimised expression vectors (SnapFast Pro) for protein and virus production, we have developed a range of innovative technologies to address the toxicity of viral components to the host cell, something that has historically limited development in this area. For more information, and to discuss your project requirements, please get in touch.


Stable Packaging Cell Lines for cGMP Manufacture of Viruses

Further to our research-grade stable packaging cell line offerings, full cell line development platforms are available at Oxford Genetics for the generation of clonal HEK293-based cell lines suitable for cGMP manufacture.