Oxford Genetics Custom DNA Assembly, Cloning and Engineering Services

As part of our complete DNA workflow, we can provide the custom DNA assembly and cloning of any of our DNA components from our plasmids to make complex multi-gene expression systems. We can also clone your DNA fragments into your plasmids on request.

We offer a range of custom cloning services that allow the production of sophisticated expression vectors. All of our plasmids are based on the same backbone using a modular structure, and we can assemble the DNA sections you need from any number of our catalogue plasmids for you. For example, you may want to use our mammalian ubiquitin promoter expression plasmid and add a selectable marker and/or reporter gene expression cassette into it.


Cloning Costs, Validation and Discounts

Our custom cloning cost is proportional to the number of DNA components you would like assemble or add to a plasmid. Adding DNA components into plasmids can cost as little as £170 depending on complexity, including full sequence validation. Adding multiple fragments or constructing a range of plasmids simultaneously can provide a significant cost saving by using our high throughput cloning services.


Why choose our plasmids and services?

  • Future-proof your research – Whenever we design a plasmid, we design it to fit with every other plasmid we have ever made, making future changes and additions simple and efficient.
  • Our components are pre-tested, reducing the chances of expression problems later when you combine DNA features together.
  • Cost effective cloning and plasmids – Whilst we provide some of the lowest cost plasmids and cloning services on the market, we primarily aim to provide an excellent, science driven, service by understanding your research and development needs through highly knowledgeable team of expert molecular engineers.
  • Rapid DNA assembly – We can normally clone a DNA section from any of our plasmids into another plasmid within 3 days, providing rapid turnaround for your project.