Promoter Expression Plasmid Information


Promoter Configurations: The structure of our plasmid vectors means that we are able to  provide any of of the promoter you see in our catalogue in at least 4 different locations in our plasmids. Not all of these configurations will be available on the website so please contact us if you cant see the location you would like. 


In our current product range we have a wide range of promoters for expression in different biological systems. These include:

  • Bacterial Promoter - constitutive and inducible
  • Mammalian promoters - endogenous, viral and synthetic
  • Phage promoters for in vitro transcription (T7, SP6 and T3) or inducible bacterial expression (T7)
  • Yeast promoters for low or high expression

These promoters are typically either flanked by restriction sites, or provided within a pre-designed expression cassette which itself is flanked by resitrction sites. This allows you to move expression cassettes between our different plasmids and make complex expression systems in minimal steps. 


To view our different promoter options please see our plasmid products section, or please contact us for further information.