Custom and High Throughput Cloning and Plasmid Construction


SnapFastTM Plasmids - DNA Just Got Simpler

At Oxford Genetics we believe that thoughtful design of modular recombinant DNA is a crucial feature that can transform the efficiency of synthetic biology engineering. Our patented SnapFastTM genetic engineering technology allows us to systemically design and develop DNA and plasmid libraries in minimal steps and with confidence in the functional activity of the final product.


We are now pleased to confirm that we can combine our technologies and services to provide:

•    High throughput DNA design.
•    High throughput gene optimisation (up to 50,000 genes per run).
•    Next generation DNA synthesis at highly competitive rates through our synthesis partners.
•    High throughput DNA assembly using our automated work flow and proprietary SnapFastTM DNA assembly master mix.
•    State-of-the-art QC and sequence analysis and alignment systems using in house software.


We are now positioned to be your partner of choice in systematic DNA design and construction, to ensure your genetic systems can out-perform the opposition and maximise their potential.


Custom Cloning Services

Oxford Genetics was founded with the aim to make genetic engineering simple, efficient and accessible to anyone. You will find our catalogue of over 4000 plasmids are all designed to ‘snap together’ and built in a modular format to allow you to build the construct of your choice, simply and efficiently.



However, we appreciate that many customers would prefer not to invest their energies and time in developing specialised cloning skills, and therefore we offer a friendly and versatile bespoke cloning service.


We prefer to engineer constructs using our own SnapFastTM system, hence mostly what we produce will be based on our familiar modular design and incorporate all the features you require in a versatile format that is amenable to further modification. Please contact one of our DNA design engineers to help you develop the vectors you need.


High Throughput Cloning Services

Using our proprietary and automated DNA design, assembly, and analysis platforms we can provide cloning solutions for library development, mutagenesis studies or the cloning of 1000’s of plasmid variants. To discuss your project in more details, please get in touch with one of our genetic engineers.   


Why choose our plasmids and services?

•    Future-proof your research – When we engineer a plasmid, we design it knowing you will probably want to improve it later. Hence we always use a modular approach, so you chop-and-change what you need to later on.
•    All of our molecular components and sequences are pre-tested, reducing variability and increasing the chances of your recombinant product expressing.
•    Rapid DNA assembly – We can normally clone a DNA section from any of our existing plasmids into any other plasmid within 3 days, providing rapid turnaround for your project.