DNA Design and Protein Optimisation Services


DNA design


Hundreds of companies offering cloning, and there are thousands of expression vectors on the market, so what makes ours different?


Plasmids are often seen as just a research tool, and the blurred line between research and protein production means that often vectors are not fully optimised to achieve maximal protein yields. Rather than making just another expression plasmid, we set about making a protein production plasmid. Our first generation is called SnapFastPro V1 (pSF-ProV1).


SnapFastPro V1 encompasses a range of DNA innovations produced by our in house R&D team, including:

•    Unique promoter sequences developed by from a diverse library
•    Optimal sequences in the 5’ UTR, 3’ UTR and poly-adenylation regions
•    Guidance on Kozak and stop codon choice when creating plasmids
•    Inclusion of an exogenous gene which we have found to increase protein yield*


SnapFastPro V1 is ideal for the expression of challenging protein targets in mammalian cells and has been successfully used to express:

•    A range of human and mouse antibodies and antibody fragments
•    GPCRs
•    Transcription factors
•    Toxic protein
•    Membrane bound glycoproteins
•    Virus structural and non-structural proteins

*SnapFastPro V1 should be used for protein production purposes only, the presence of an exogenous gene to improve expression may influence cell biology when used for research purposes.


Protein Optimisation

Whilst the plasmid you use for protein expression significantly effects expression, protein optimisation can go a long way to further improve it, in some instances we have observed up to 100-fold improvements in expression for wild-type human genes. We have also observed that changing other parts of a protein (e.g. the signal peptide) can significantly improve productivity for some genes. Why not couple SnapFastProV1 protein production plasmid with our high-throughput custom engineering and protein optimisation services to allow us to develop your perfect expression system. 


SnapFastPro V1 requires an MTA to be completed with your institution or organisation. To request a copy of this please email us at info@oxgene.co.uk. 

Expression Data

Examples of proteins we have over expressed using our SnapFast ProV1 system. These proteins were transiently expressed in HEK-293 cells and compare our SnapFast ProV1 expression system against the industry standard plasmid pCDNA3.1. Tagged genes were detected 72 hours post-transfection using an automated western blot system.