Custom DNA Synthesis

As part of our complete cloning solution, we can offer DNA synthesis and cloning into any required plasmid vectors.

Using our in house custom built DNA optimisation technologies designed to maximise expression in multiple biological expression systems we can provide:

  • gene optimisation of any gene you require
  • synthesis into any of over 2000 plasmids
  • high-throughput design and optimisation (simultaneous optimisation of 1000s of genes possible)
  • modification of any DNA parameter you need changing (balancing base composition, removal of palindromic and direct repeats, removal of restriction sites and consensus splice sites)


DNA Synthesis Costs

Project costs are based on a combination of total base pairs required, fragment length and sequence complexity. We can provide DNA synthesis into any of our catalogue plasmids or proprietary vectors, as well as cloned into your vector of choice. Please contact our team of DNA designers to discuss your project in more detail. 


Project Turn Around Time

Completion time-frames for projects is highly dependent of sequence complexity, and our team will provide an estimated completion date when quoting on your project. The typical turnaround time from order to shipment for genes in the range of 500 bp > 3Kb is approximately 15 days.