Construction and Production of Recombinant Viruses

Viruses are the world’s most efficient nanotechnologies, but because of their complexity engineering them can be a challenge.  At Oxford Genetics we have expertise in engineering and developing a wide range of recombinant viruses, from standard lentiviruses through to replication competent oncolytic viruses.


Our team have engineered a wide range of virus types, including:

• Lentivirus
• Adenovirus
• MLV-based retroviruses
• Orthomyxoviruses
• Measles virus, alphaviruses and rhabdoviruses


The viruses developed during these projects have gone on to be used in:

• Virus production for cell line development
• Pre-clinical evaluation for CAR-T cell production
• Vaccine development
• Pre-clinical animal studies for oncolytic potential
• Modification of cell lines to express exogenous genes of interest


By combining our DNA design, custom engineering, protein optimisation and expression services we are the ideal partner of choice for your virus design, construction and production projects.