Synthetic Biology Using SnapFastTM Plasmids

Synthetic Biology is a rapidly emerging and exciting new discipline, and relies on complex genetic engineering strategies to build new biological systems that push the boundaries of genetics research. In order to reduce the variability in the DNA we build, we have developed a standardised DNA plasmid engineering platform called SnapFast™, which contains thousands of DNA sections (e.g. promoters, UTRs, gene) in configurations that allow them to be easily moved from one vector to another and create complex expression systems that maximise yields. 

Cleaner DNA

All of our constructs have been pre-designed to work together, and our expert team of engineers are here to help you create the vectors you need for your research and development projects. Where possible industry standard sequences have been optimised to provide efficient protein expression and simplified DNA assembly designs.   

Incredible Versatility

We have one of the largest collections of inter-compatible plasmids available globally, providing multiple expression and cloning options for almost every required permuation you might need. Our product range includes:

  • largest collection of standardised plasmids on the market
  • 40 different peptide tag options
  • 9 reporter genes in at least 5 configurations
  • more than 50 signal peptides
  • over 40 promoters for mammalian, bacteria and yeast expression
  • 10 antibiotic and metabolic selection options
  • 6 origins of replication and a range of other DNA sections.
  • constitutive and inducible systems


Feature SnapFast Gateway TOPO Gibson LIC InFusionHD Electra
Design of Cloning Strategies Easy^ Medium Easy Hard* Hard* Hard* hard*
Seamless Fusion with Tags Yes No No Yes Yes yes Yes
Cloning Methods Patented No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
License Required for Commercial Research No Yes** Yes** No No No No
Number of Plasmids >1650 <100 <20 N/A N/A N/A <200
Cost $ $$$ $$$ $ $ $$ $
Unique Cloning Positions in every plasmid >20 1 1 N/A N/A N/A 1
Entry Vectors required No Yes Yes No No No Yes
Tied into one cloning system? No Yes Yes No No No Yes
Sequencing Primers 20 - complete coverage 2 2 N/A N/A N/A



Sequences Provided Online Yes Yes Yes N/A N/A N/A



*      Requires primer design using homology or TypeIIS sites
**    Patents restrict the use of the cloning technology or products
^     Tools available online to help with design
LIC = Ligase Independent Cloning

Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology is an emerging field that is set to change the way scientists work with DNA. Our plasmids are uniquely designed to allow the creation of complex DNA expression vectors with minimal cloning steps. This feature makes them the ideal tool set for synthetic biology applications and enables us to offer versatile cloning systems that deliver results, regardless of a projects complexity.

Flexible Cloning Systems

Whilst most of the DNA sections within our plasmids are flanked by restriction sites of 6 base pairs (bp) in length, we have also strategically placed 8 bp restriction sites at key positions throughout the plasmid to maximise the versatility of the system. The low frequency of each 8 bp cutting site in random DNA makes it unlikely that any gene you insert will contain such a site. By exploiting this principle our DNA plasmids have limitless potential and unparalled flexibility.

Benefits of the SnapFastTM system:

  •     Universal cloning flexibility. All plasmids are compatible with standard cloning, LIC, InFusionHD, Gibson Assembly, Seamless Geneart. 
  •     Unrivalled access to DNA variants and sequences. Over 1600 unique DNA sections for a range of research purposes.
  •     Easy, efficient, and simple engineering strategies.
  •     High success rates due to pre-designed compatiblity.
  •     No insert size constraints. Low copy origins for increased stability.
  •     Compatible with many pre-existing cloning vectors (T0P0, pGL3, C1-EGFP etc) and a range of shuttle vectors to facilitate gene transfer.
  •     Easy cloning from the SnapFastTM vectors into a range of alternative systems, including viral vectors.
  •     Built in regulatory sequences and capabilities (e.g. gene concatamerisation, insulators and terminator sequences).
  •     Excellent customer support. Questions responded to in less than 24hrs.


If you would like to learn more about our system, or you have a specific question about one of our products, please contact us for further information.