We have produced three different types of plasmids containing industry standard transcription termination signals. These include:

  1. Plasmids containing three transcriptional terminators all positioned downstream of the main multiple cloning site (MCS), including the SV40 PolyA signal, RrnG bacterial terminator and the T7 polymerase hair-pin terminator.  This single terminator region provides flexibility when exchanging between mammalian, bacterial and phage systems. This system is present in the vast majority of our plasmids.

  2. Plasmids designed for expression in yeast contain the CYC1 terminator, together with the RrnG bacterial terminator and the T7 polymerase hair-pin terminator.

  3. We also produce plasmids containing a single terminator downstream of the MCS, namely the SV40 polyA mammalian terminator (product OG176), RrnB bacterial terminator (Product OG179), RrnG bacterial terminator (Product OG180) or the T7 polymerase hair-pin terminator (Product OG177).


The reason that we stock plasmids that only contain one terminator is because sometimes, despite the increased versatility, researchers may not want unnecessary terminators in their plasmids, for example when size constraints are an issue. 

The button below takes you to the plasmids with single terminators. If you prefer to use a plasmid with triple terminator, we suggest you search using the Plasmid Seach tool since nearly all our plasmids have triple terminators. The Plasmid Search tool will give you access to our full plasmid catalogue.

Finally, please try the 'Design Your Own Plasmid Online' button below, to see what our cloning system can do for you. And remember that, while our plasmids are designed for easy cloning modifications, we are happy to do it for you if you prefer to outsource the cloning work.