double_gRNA_adaptor (OG3519)

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Product code: OG3519

Product Description

Adaptor DNA molecule for cloning 2 gRNAs into the gRNA expression cassette instead of just one.

Plasmid Information

Product Name: double_gRNA_adaptor

Product Code: OG3519

Size (bp): 464 bp

Bacterial Antibiotic Selection:

Origin and Compatibility:

Bacterial Copy Number:


Plasmid Purpose:

This adapter DNA is designed to enable the expression of two gRNAs from the same vector when used in combination with one of our gRNA expression vectors.

Promoter Expression Level:
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Transcription Termination:
Cloning in a gene: Multiple cloning site notes:


Intellectual Property Status

This product is part of our SnapFast Pro plasmid range, for more information on the Intellectual property status of this plasmid please click here