pSF-U6 (OG51) siRNA/RNAi Expression Plasmid

Product Description

shRNA expression plasmid using the U6 RNA polymerase I promoter to drive transcription. Used to generate short hairpin RNA to silence genes.

Product code: OG51
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Plasmid Information

Product Name: pSF-U6

Product Code: OG51

Size (bp): 3932 bp

Bacterial Antibiotic Selection: KanR

Origin and Compatibility: pUC high copy derived from pBR322

Bacterial Copy Number: 500-700 per cell

Promoter: Human U6 promoter

Plasmid Purpose:

The expression of short hairpin RNA in eukaryotic cells. The U6 is transcribed by RNA polymerase III (RNA pol III) which terminates transcription at a string of thymidine residues typically a minimum of five residues in mammalian cells. Unlike most SnapFastTM vectors this vector contains an RNA pol III terminator downstream of the XhoI site although it is more common to insert a terminator sequence at the end of the sequence you insert into the MCS that encodes a shRNA.

Vector Sequence Files

Please select the file type you require. For reference most cloning programs will import a .gb (Genbank) file and will show all of the plasmids features automatically when downloaded and imported.

Transcription Termination:

This vector contains an RNA polymerase III promoter (U6) which will terminate at a string of thymidine residues. Typically this is 5-6 T residues in length. This plasmid contains a string of thymidines in the multiple cloning site to allow termination.

Multiple cloning site notes:

This vector has a modified MCS compared to standard plasmids. The ATG start codon in the NcoI site has been removed as have the Shine-Dalgarno and KOZAK sequences as these are not required for RNA Pol3 expressed transcripts.

The terminator for RNA polymerase III has been positioned immediately downstream of the XhoI site. There is an additional string of Thymidine residues (the terminator sequence for RNA Pol III) at the end of the SV40 polyA region however using this site will produce a long transcript and has not been validated. We recommend inserting your hairpin DNA sequence between Hind3 and XhoI. The theoretical RNA position +1 is the first base of the NotI restriction site.

Intellectual Property Status

This product is part of our SnapFast plasmid range, for more information on the Intellectual property status of this plasmid please click here