pSF-TEF1-NH2-6His-eGFP-3C (OG4738) N-terminal 6 His and GFP Dual Tag Yeast Plasmid

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Product code: OG4738

Product Description

N-terminal 6His and EGFP dual affinity and reporter tag yeast expression plasmid. This vector allows the creation of fusion proteins with a 3C cleavage tag.

Plasmid Information

Product Name: pSF-TEF1-NH2-6His-eGFP-3C

Product Code: OG4738

Size (bp): 7471 bp

Bacterial Antibiotic Selection: KanR

Origin and Compatibility: pUC high copy derived from pBR322

Bacterial Copy Number: 500-700 per cell

Promoter: Yeast Elongation Factor Alpha-1 (TEF-1) promoter

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Intellectual Property Status

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