pSF-TEF1-SnapFusion (OG604) Yeast SnapFusion Cloning Plasmid

Product Code: OG604R1
Product Code: OG604C1
Product Code: OG604G1

Product Description

Yeast vector designed for the insertion of genes that have been configured for fusion peptide tag range, but in this plasmid there is no tag to allow normal un-taggged expression.

Plasmid Information

Product Name: pSF-TEF1-SnapFusion

Product Code: OG604

Size (bp): 6729 bp

Bacterial Antibiotic Selection: KanR

Origin and Compatibility: pUC high copy derived from pBR322

Bacterial Copy Number: 500-700 per cell

Promoter: Yeast Elongation Factor Alpha-1 (TEF-1) promoter

Plasmid Purpose:

This vector is a standard Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast expression plasmid with the exception that it has been modified to allow the direct cloning of gene fragments that have been designed to fit with any of our peptide tag plasmid range. This can be useful if you have created a peptide fusion but you would also like to create a non-tagged gene variant. The multiple cloning site contains two BsgI and BseRI sites that produce overhangs that are compatible with gene designed using our SnapFusion primer designer (see the cloning tab for this product). The promoter in this plasmid (TEF1) is a strong constitutive yeast promoter.

Promoter Expression Level:

This plasmid contains the yeast translation elongation factor 1 promoter. It is the strongest promoter that we provide for expression in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

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Transcription Termination:

This plasmid contains three alternative transcription terminators for yeast bacterial and bacteriophage (T7) expression. This means that only the promoter needs to be changed to alter the expression system you are using. We sell multiple promoters that can be used in each of these systems. The presence of each terminator does not reduce expression in the alternative systems.

Intellectual Property Status

This product is part of our SnapFastâ„¢ plasmid range, for more information on the intellectual property status of this plasmid please click here. For more information on the terms of our licences please click here.