Yeast Promoter Vector Set (PP2357)

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Product code: PP2357

Product Description

Use this plasmid pack to compare five different yeast promoters, each driving expression of your chosen gene inserted into the MCS. The pack includes strong, medium and weak constitutive promoters, and one inducible promoter. Each plasmid contains the URA3 selection gene. This should allow you easily to determine which promoter gives the desired level of expression of your gene of interest and to select for transformed yeast cells.

This kit conatins the plasmids pSF-TEFI-URA3 (OG534), pSF-STE5-URA3 (OG535), pSF-GAL1-URA3 (OG536), pSF-ADH1-URA3 (OG537) and pSF-TPI1-URA3 (OG538).