Mammalian Signal Peptide Vector Set (PP2379)

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Product code: PP2379

Product Description

This pack allows you to compare the activity of eight different mammalian secretory tags (signal peptides) to identify which most is most effective for the secretion of protein of interest. The most efficient tag seems to depend on the protein of interest and also on the cells used, hence we consider it important to compare several tags in order to select the best. Inserting your gene of interest into the MCS of these plasmids will place it downstream of the signal peptide, under regulatory control of the CMV promoter.

This kit contains the plasmids pSF-CMV-Puro-NH2-InsulinSP (OG1436), pSF-CMV-Puro-NH2-BM40 (OG1494), pSF-CMV-Puro-NH2-VSV G (OG1495), pSF-CMV-Puro-NH2-CHTP (OG1496), pSF-CMV-Puro-NH2-IL-2 (OG1497), pSF-CMV-Puro-NH2-Gaus (OG1498), pSF-CMV-Puro-NH2-Alb (OG1499) and pSF-CMV-Puro-NH2-HA/SP (OG1500).