Mammalian MBP Tag Vector Set (PP2407)

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Product code: PP2407

Product Description

This pack enables you to compare placing Maltose-Binding Protein (MBP) affinity tags at either the N or C terminus of your gene of interest (inserted into the MCS, under transcriptional control of the CMV promoter) with, and also without a TEV (Tobacco Etch Virus) protease cleavage site. The TEV site enables removal of the MBP tag from the protein after production. Comparing these four configurations should enable you to evaluate how best to express and detect your gene of interest from mammalian cells. We also provide many other functional tags and cleavage sites, if required.

This kit contains the plasmids pSF-CMV-Puro-NH2-MBP (OG3220), pSF-CMV-Puro-COOH-TEV-MBP (OG3403), pSF-CMV-Puro-COOH-MBP (OG3430) and pSF-CMV-Puro-NH2-MBP-TEV (OG3195).