Senior Scientist – Viral Vector Development


Start Date: Apr 2017
Salary: £28,000 – £38,000
Fixed Duration: Permanent
Hours: Full-time

Are you interested in being at the cutting edge of Synthetic Biology research?

Do you have a proven track record of engineering and analysing viral vectors?

Are you a creative and rigorous thinker who can use your initiative to solve problems?

Role Overview:
The Cell Engineering Scientist will be involved in a range of internal platform development and commercial projects, predominantly focused on establishing stable viral packaging cell lines and associated processes. Oxford Genetics has a number of on-going programmes in this area, and multiple government supported grant awards, which the recipient will contribute towards. Scientist colleagues are expected to drive and lead specific projects and areas of research from the bench, while providing support and training to technicians working in the group. The position will involve extensive interaction with both internal and external stakeholders, and the ability to show commitment to scientific development and innovation are considered essential.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work closely with internal and external stakeholders to define project goals and deliverables, in line the planned project objectives.
  • To keep up-to date with the scientific literature and developments in the field.
  • Set an example to other colleagues, and to train junior staff in appropriate techniques.
  • Provide project summaries and reporting, as required.
  • Promote and suggest implementation of new methods, technologies and processes to ensure best practice.
  • Support line manager with customer interactions, and in ensuring smooth running of the group.
  • To adhere strictly to established quality standards, essential for on-going activities.
  • Provide accurate record keeping at all times.

Minimum Qualifications or Experience Needed:

  • MSc or Ph.D in relevant discipline (Biotechnology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Virology).
  • Experience working in a commercial/industry setting relevant to the role (>2 years) preferred.

Preferred Skills and Abilities:

  • Experience with generating lentiviral, retroviral and AAV particles, ideally in an industry environment.
  • Standard mammalian cell culture techniques and methods for both adherent and suspension cell lines.
  • Experience in handling primary cells, and isolating immune cell subsets from whole blood.
  • High level understanding of viral vector structure and engineering approaches to improve functionality.
  • Knowledge of downstream processing and analysis of viral particles.
  • Experience with flow cytometry and associated assay development.
  • Knowledge of GLP, cGMP and/or other relevant quality systems.
  • Highly developed interpersonal, written and verbal skills, including the ability to give presentations and to speak to groups.
  • Excellent organizational and decision making skills.
  • Strong time management skills with the ability to prioritize tasks, and work under pressure.


To apply for the position then please send a cover letter and CV to