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Influenza, the difficulty of producing effective vaccines, and recent innovation in flu vaccines

There are several metrics by which the severity of a flu season is officially measured: the number visits to the doctor for flu-like symptoms, the number of flu-related hospitalizations, and, of course, the number of flu-related deaths. By every one of these metrics, the current flu season is turning out to be a pretty bad one both in Europe and, even more so, in the U.S.

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DNA origami: from novelty item to novel applications

There’s nothing mysterious about the name given to the practice known as DNA origami. The technique is exactly what it sounds like: the art of folding DNA. There is, however, a great deal of scientific intrigue about the practice, which may be on the verge of a big payout.

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Our appetite for stem cells might be getting them in trouble

After a long and rocky road, stem cell technology is finally starting to shine. But stem cells’ newfound reputation as a miracle curative has enabled irresponsible actors and prompted regulation that may set the field back.

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Genome Editing: One Small Needle for Brian, One Giant Injection For Gene Therapy

We take a look at the ground-breaking treatment which saw a gene being directly edited in vivo, rather than modifying a patients' cells outside of the body. The doctors and the biotech company (Sangamo Therapeutics) that developed the technology are as confident as they can be that the treatment will be safe.

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Gene Therapy for Heart Disease. Is there promise for other types of heart failure?

Advances in angiogenic gene therapy suggest that physicians might soon be able to treat heart disease by stimulating the growth of new vascular tissue where it is most needed. But is there promise for treating other types of heart disease, such as arrhythmias or congenital heart failure?

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The trouble with (and necessity of) genomic biobanking

As tools like these are refined and perfected, we are looking at a near future where the greatest barrier to their implementation will have little to do with their reliability, but rather our limited knowledge of how and where to apply them.

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A solution to the Viral Production Bottleneck for Cell and Gene therapy

We are now a few months from the release of Oxford Genetics first Virus packaging cell line – cell lines with viral packaging genes inserted in the genome to allow simplified virus production processes.

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Development in CRISPR technology moves rapidly, your library should too

As developments in CRISPR technology gather pace many commercial providers rely on historical libraries created using dated design parameters. This may limit the library to particular existing applications but what if you could invest in a custom library that has few limits in terms of its flexibility and agility?

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