September 2017

Bootstrapping a Biotech: The unlikely tale of how we became a market leader

I had an idea, well kind of a half-baked idea, to create a biotechnology company that worked with DNA a little differently. The only problem was, I had no money.





September 2017


Development in CRISPR technology moves rapidly, your library should too

As developments in CRISPR technology gather pace many commercial providers rely on historical libraries created using dated design parameters. This may limit the library to particular existing applications but what if you could invest in a custom library that has few limits in terms of its flexibility and agility?





June 2017


Optogenetics: An Illuminating New Tool in Neuroscience

While this profession elicits disgusted groans from audiences, science has of late discovered a scenario in which algae and eyes in the same sentence might be a beneficial idea.





May 2017


Genetic Circuits: Reprogramming Biology

Science has long been a field driven by curiosity. In more recent history, pressure has escalated for science to offer not just new discoveries and ideas, but ways to implement them for the betterment of society, a role in which engineers excel.





May 2017


Human 2.0: Accident and Emergency Only

The year is 2117, man has landed on Mars using a Tesla powered hydrogen fuel cell and hospitals only cater for births, accidents & emergencies. Why do I say this?





April 2017


Sequence Me: The Genomic Arms Race

At the turn of the century The Human Genome Project and Celera Genomes were pitted against each other to become the first group to ever sequence the complete human genome, but while their rivalry held the spotlight another organization was quietly becoming the largest genomics enterprise in the world.





March 2017


CAR T-cell Drug Makers Race Toward FDA Approval

There has been some very promising immunotherapy research in recent years, additional cancer fighting tools may soon be included in the broader oncology arsenal.





February 2017


DNA Data Storage: Nature Does It Better!

Now, the biotech community is recognizing that nature does one more thing better than human innovation has thus far been able to: data storage.





February 2017


Gene Therapy: Why It Matters

Promising strides have been made in gene therapy and for millions of people who suffer from genetic disorders, the hope for a normal life may soon become a real possibility.





January 2017


The Century of Genome Engineering

From the mice whose cataracts were cured to the first-ever undertaking to edit the DNA of human embryos, we take a look at The Century of Genome Engineering.





January 2017


The Great CRISPR Custody Battle.

One of the great genetic engineering game changers is currently embroiled in a heated custody battle.





November 2016


Is a Win for Trump a Win for Pharma?

Where do future uncertainties lie for the pharmaceutical industry? We take a look at the primary factors at play.





November 2016


A systematic approach to maximising the manufacturing quantity and transduction activity of lentiviral vectors

Two factors currently limiting wider development of these approaches are the yield and scalability of lentiviral production systems, and relatively low infectivity in T cells.





October 2016


Building muscles and looking fantastic

Making proteins in mammalian expression systems can be a painful experience so we have come up with a few ways to maximise your protein expression systems.