Technologies for Antibody Development


Off-The-Shelf Solution For Antibody Production

  • HEK-293-EBNA based expression system with plasmids available for most antibody formats
  • Suspension, serum-free systems derived from a GMP master cell bank
  • Achieve up to 250mg/L using an optimized process
  • Available for either research or small scale GMP manufacture

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Research Grade Cell Lines for Biomanufacture

The following serum free suspension cell lines are available for licensing:

  • HEK-293-EBNA1
  • HEK-293-SV40 Large T
  • HEK-293-TetR (research or GMP)
  • HEK-293-baseline (research or GMP)
  • CHO-K1-baseline (research or GMP)
  • CHO-K1-EBNA1

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