CRISPR Cell Line Editing:
Cost Effective Without Sacrificing On Quality


CRISPR-Cas9 technology has revolutionized the field of genome editing and has enabled high efficiency mammalian
cell engineering for a variety of downstream applications. Oxford Genetics has developed an automated, streamlined
platform for the generation of genome modified cell lines. Each step of the workflow has been  optimized
and quality-assured for high throughput and large-scale demands of creating engineered cell lines.

Why Choose To Work With Us?

  • Effective. Our automated platform eliminates human error and engineers cell lines reproducibly
  • Efficient. Our automated production platform can rapidly generate tens of modified cell lines in parallel
  • Transparency. With 24/7 access to Andromeda, our industry leading online project management tool, you can see how your project is progressing in real-time





Choose your modification and start your project!







Create a modified cell line to analyze the loss of function of a single-gene knock-out, investigate combinatorial effects, pathway redundancy, and epistatic relationships via multigene knock-out, and study the role of genes in disease models, cell processes, and drug responses. 

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Chromosomal Rearrangements

Create a modified cell line to analyse the effect of the generation of a chromosomal fusion or other macro rearrangements.

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Create a modified cell line that introduces gain-of-function and loss-of function mutations in endogenous genes to study the impact of SNPs or somatic mutations, or generate conditional alleles by the inclusion of LoxP sites.

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Create a modified cell line that fuses endogenous genes or genomic loci to fluorescent proteins and epitope tags, such as His or FLAG, to enable downstream analysis.

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