DNA Design Services


Oxford Genetics offers access to our in-house DNA optimization technologies designed to provide robust and high-level expression, with a particular focus on mammalian expression systems.


Why choose our design service

We have extensive experience of:

  • Optimizing genes for expression in mammalian cell systems, particularly in HEK293 and CHO.
  • Optimizing expression plasmids for maximal protein output in mammalian cell systems, having previously developed antigen and antibody expression systems for a range of commercial customers.
  • Developing protein expression systems using the best components available or our proprietary expression components to further enhance expression.
  • Developing virus based expression systems using AAV, lentivirus, retrovirus and adenovirus vectors.

Options Available

  • Coding sequence optimization of your gene of interest using our proprietary algorithms and in-house expertise.
  • High-throughput design and data processing (simultaneous optimisation of >1000 genes).
  • Modification of any DNA parameter, including balancing base composition, removal of palindromic and direct repeats, removal of restriction sites and consensus splice sites.
  • Expression construct optimization, including introduction of alternative promoter sequences, inclusion of optimal sequences in the 5’ UTR, 3’ UTR and poly-adenylation regions, changing of Kozak and stop codons, inclusion of exogenous genes to increase protein yield.


These services are routinely provided as part of our custom DNA synthesis and custom cloning projects in order to increase yields of proteins, antibodies and viral particles. If you have an application in mind then why not get in touch with one of our scientific staff.



Additional Services

In addition to DNA design, the following additional services are also available.


DNA Synthesis

Full service offering, rapid turn-around time.

Plasmid Construction and Custom Cloning

Bespoke plasmid production services and custom cloning.

Plasmid Production

Plasmid manufacture at a range of scales, including animal-component free and low-endotoxin processes.