DNA Services

Oxford Genetics boasts an impressive suite of services for synthetic biology, including DNA design, synthesis, and custom cloning.


DNA Design


Oxford Genetics offers access to our in-house DNA optimization technologies designed to provide robust and high-level expression, with a particular focus on mammalian expression systems.



DNA Synthesis


Oxford Genetics offers a range DNA Synthesis services, and can clone into the vector of your choice. 



Plasmid Construction & Custom Cloning


You will find our catalogue of over 3000 plasmids are all designed to ‘snap together’ and built in a modular format to allow you to build the construct of your choice, simply and efficiently.



CRISPR Singles and Libraries


CRISPR Singles and Libraries Oxford Genetics’ CRISPR singles, arrayed libraries or pooled libraries comprise a Cas9 expression plasmid, each containing a guide RNA (gRNA) toward a different target gene.