Gene synthesis is the process of manufacturing DNA sequences de novo by chemical approaches. Our highly accurate gene synthesis service can design and manufacture wild type genes, codon optimised genes, CRISPR guide RNAs and CRISPR HDR templates. Simply submit your nucleotide sequences through our Plasmid Builder tool or by contacting us directly and we will deliver your sequence exactly as ordered. 

Benefits of Oxford Genetics Gene Synthesis

- All of our synthesised DNA undergoes complete sequencing both before and after cloning into the vector of your choice. 

-Optional coding sequence optimization of your gene of interest using our proprietary algorithms and in-house expertise.

-Modification of any DNA parameter, including balancing base composition, removal of palindromic and direct repeats, removal of restriction sites and consensus splice sites. 

-High-throughput design and data processing (simultaneous optimisation of >1000 genes).

-Access to our dedicated online project portal, which will provide regular updates on your project throughout the synthesis process.

Service Vector Synthesis Length Minimum Genes Optimization Quantity Turnaround Cost


pUC57-Amp or Kan 250bp-5Kb 1 Optional 5 ug Under 20 days (additional time for cloning) Priced per base pair. Genes over 3.Kb incur an additional charge.

Priority Plus

Any Oxford Genetics Plasmid 250bp-5Kb 1 Optional 5 ug Under 20 days (additional time for cloning) Priced per base pair, plus the catalogue vector on first purchase.

Next Generation 

Any Oxford Genetics Plasmid 350bp-3.2Kb 20 @ 350bp-3.2Kb Optional 500 ng 25 days (additional time for cloning) Priced per base paid with a vector preparation fee

Service Information

This service has two price points. The lower price point covers normal gene sequences up to 3.2Kb. For more complex sequences and repetitive sequences a higher price per base pair may be charged. Our gene synthesis service is a robust service that delivers over 95% of projects on time. The typical turnaround time for priority gene synthesis is 20 working days. In some instances where the gene sequences are particularly complex or repetitive additional time may be required. For gene synthesis orders over 20 genes, and where all genes are above 350 base pairs and below 3Kb, we provide the option of a reduced cost using next generation synthesis. This service typically has a longer turn around time (20-30 working days)

Once synthesised your gene will be shipped in a vector of your choice. Our SnapFastTM plasmid vectors cover a diverse set of applications, including:

  • Mammalian, bacterial, and yeast protein expression
  • CRISPR gRNA and Cas9 expression
  • Viral vectors including AAV, lentiviral and Adenoviral vectors
  • In vitro transcription vectors
  • Reporter gene plasmids and stable cell line engineering

Additional Services

In addition to standard DNA synthesis, the following additional services are also available.

Plasmid Optimization

  • Expression construct optimization, including Introduction of alternative promoter sequences; inclusion of optimal sequences in the 5’ UTR, 3’ UTR and poly-adenylation regions; choice of Kozak and stop codons; inclusion of exogenous genes to increase protein yield.