DNA Synthesis Services


Oxford Genetics offers a range DNA Synthesis services, and can clone these into one of our catalog plasmids. 



Cloned DNA


dsDNA cloned into a plasmid

Gene Optimization


Plasmid Choice

Oxford Genetics’ Catalog Plasmid


5 µg

Turnaround Time

(0.5 – 3 kb)

30 days


Sanger sequencing



Additional Services

In addition to standard DNA synthesis, the following additional services are also available.


Gene Optimization

  • Coding sequence optimization of your gene of interest using our proprietary algorithms and in-house expertise.
  • High-throughput design and data processing (simultaneous optimisation of >1000 genes).
  • Modification of any DNA parameter, including balancing base composition, removal of palindromic and direct repeats, removal of restriction sites and consensus splice sites. 

Plasmid Optimization

  • Expression construct optimization, including Introduction of alternative promoter sequences; inclusion of optimal sequences in the 5’ UTR, 3’ UTR and poly-adenylation regions; choice of Kozak and stop codons; inclusion of exogenous genes to increase protein yield.