Oxford Genetics was founded with the aim to make genetic engineering simple, efficient and accessible to anyone. You will find our catalogue of over 3000 plasmids are all designed to ‘snap together’ and built in a modular format to allow you to build the construct of your choice, simply and efficiently. However, we appreciate that many customers would prefer not to invest their energies and time in developing specialized cloning skills, and therefore we offer a versatile bespoke cloning service.


Why choose our plasmids and services?

  • Future-proof your research – Whenever we design a plasmid, we design it to fit with every other plasmid we have ever made, making future changes and additions simple and efficient.
  • Minimized risk - Our components are pre-tested, reducing the chances of expression problems later when you combine DNA features together.
  • Cost effective cloning and plasmids – Whilst we provide some of the lowest cost plasmids and cloning services on the market, we primarily aim to provide an excellent, science driven, service by understanding your research and development needs through highly knowledgeable team of expert molecular engineers.
  • Rapid DNA assembly – We can normally clone a DNA section from any of our plasmids into another plasmid within 1 week, providing rapid turnaround for your project.


Project Types






Simple cut and paste of sequence(s) from one plasmid to another

Amplification of target gene(s) and assembly

Gene synthesis of target gene(s) and assembly

Turnaround Time

1 week

2 weeks

2-4 weeks

Size of Gene

0.5kb to 3kb

0.5kb to 3kb

0.5kb to 3kb

Cloning into SnapFast Plasmid





Your plasmid construction and custom cloning journey begins with our Plasmid Builder system, which can be accessed by clicking the link below.



Project Outline

A typical plasmid construction and custom cloning project consists of the following phases.



Additional Services

In addition to Plasmid Construction and Custom Cloning, the following additional services are also available.


High Throughput Cloning

Using our proprietary and automated DNA design, assembly, and analysis platforms we can provide cloning solutions for library development, mutagenesis studies or the cloning of 1000’s of plasmid variants.

Plasmid Optimization

Expression construct optimization, including introduction of alternative promoter sequences; inclusion of optimal sequences in the 5’ UTR, 3’ UTR and poly-adenylation regions; choice of Kozak and stop codons; inclusion of exogenous genes to increase protein yield