The Gene Editing Revolution is Here

Looking for a gene editing partner who can meet your increasing cell line demands? Oxford Genetics has developed scalable robotic solutions to deliver high-throughput genome engineering.

Highest Fidelity CRISPR Libraries On The Market

  • Cloning DNA is in our blood at Oxford Genetics, it's for this reason that the average guide presence in our CRISPR pooled libraries is 99.7% on libraries with up to 100,000 guides
  • We are unique in being able to provide CRISPR libraries in both plasmid and lentiviral format
  • Using custom robotics we can provide custom CRISPR libraries in arrayed, 96-well format
  • NGS validation on complex libraries as standard 

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CRISPR Cell Line Editing: Cost Effective Without Sacrificing On Quality

  • We use minimal human intervention in our gene editing workflow, allowing us to bring industrial scale and quality to your CRISPR project
  • Choose from a range of host cell line backgrounds
  • Monitor the status of your project 24/7 through our online project portal 
  • Range of custom solutions available, knock-out, knock-in, chromsomal fusions, custom point mutations

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CRISPR Screening Solutions

  • From guide design to cell sequencing and characterisation, we offer the complete CRISPR screening capability
  • Enhance your drug development program by working with a team of dedicated gene editing scientists
  • Knock-out and dual guide construction and screening available
  • Explore drug mechanisms of action
  • Identify new biomarkers or combination therapy targets

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