Licensing Terms


SnapFast™ and SnapFast™ Pro Plasmids


SnapFast™ Plasmids

SnapFast™ Pro Plasmid

Research Use License

Included in
standard catalog price

Included in
standard catalog price

Commercial Use License

One time fee of 2000 GBP

Not available

GMP Use License

Annual fee of 5000 GBP

Annual Fee of 20000 GBP

Milestone Payments Per Therapeutic Product



Phase I

5000 GBP

20000 GBP

Phase II

10000 GBP

50000 GBP

Phase III

15000 GBP

100000 GBP

Market Approval

30000 GBP

200000 GBP



Research Field. Means the use of the licensed plasmid for any research purposes, other than use in the Commercial Field or GMP Field.

Commercial Field. Means the provision of commercial services to a third party for monetary gain, including but not limited to delivery of research results from use of the licensed plasmid.

GMP Field. Means use of the licensed plasmid for GMP production of therapeutic, diagnostic, prophylactic or other medicinal products intended for use in humans or non-human animals.