Can I order large quantities?


Yes you can. So you can select it through the website but if you get in touch with those either at the other or before we do practice Maxy practice and get a prep scale of placements. So yes we can do that.


Are the vectors mammalian?



Yes they are mainly mammalian. The majority of R&D at least within the company is in the mammalian field to develop and viral vaccines things like CRISPR engineering. But we do also have vectors for yeast and bacteria. That's a less extensive set of bacteria actually is probably around 600 plasmids and yeast is probably about the same. The bacterial vectors are mainly focus E coli protein expression. In the yeast section we have vectors that are both pythia yeast as well as saccharomyces yeast as well. So we do have a range of vectors pleased expression.


How long does construction take?



It's fairly standard so if you're buying a plasmid we can ship that within 24 hours just the actual placement itself. If you're modifying it to contain that synthesis typically it'd be two to three weeks it's fairly standard timeline. We can do it slightly quicker but that would change the pricing. But again we did that off line if you want to cure the rush. So that's how I feel it's a question to be anything I would say as well is on the viral vector side. So for example this is a standard expression Passement you could load Plenty of all vector into it you could load an identifiable vector into that. Those things can take a little bit longer simply because particularly for having a virus declining is a little bit more complex. Just to bad I don't mind.



Can I use viral vectors?


We work across four different viral vectors, adenovirus, lentivirus, AAV and retrovirus and the moment some of those vectors are online. But we can all do production with varying scales depending on which viral vector you're working in.


Which sites should I use?



At the moment the best thing to do is to get in touch with us and we can recommend the default position when you come to make a selection. But in a few weeks there should be some guidance here on how to format your gene to fit within the default position.


Have the vectors been validated for expression?



Yes! Every vector has been validated in the yeast and the bacterial set but some of those will have been just reporter genes so it does vary and some of them will be expressing you obscure genes that aren't reporter genes. But obviously if you're expressing something that's highly insoluble and difficult to express and is out of the context of its natural species then the expression of that will vary comparison to what we've done with a reporter genes. 


How can you fuse antibody variable regions with constant domains?


If you load a plasmid into The Builder that has a constant domain of an ITG there will be a default docking position where it fuzes the variable region with the constant domain of the protein or the gene sequence and depending on how you configure the sequences you upload it should seamlessly fuse the variable region with the constant domain of the antibody. At the moment it's not online but will be added shortly but we can certainly do that offline for now.