Shipping Information

All of our products are distributed from our laboratories in the United Kingdom. We are able to ship to most countries using DHL. If the product is in stock we will dispatch the product within 48 hours. In the case of custom plasmid construction or service projects, updates are available via the project management tool on the customer account or on request by emailing Where possible tracking numbers for shipments are provided.


Plasmid Shipping Conditions


We have tested the stability of our plasmids in Tris-EDTA (TE) at 100 ng/ul for 6 weeks at room temperature, +4 degrees and -20 degree celsius. After 6 weeks at room temperature a 2-fold drop in DNA integrity (measured by electrophoresis and transformation colony forming units) is observed.

Plasmids at room temperature for 1 and 2 weeks demonstrated little to no signs of degradation. For this reason we ship all plasmids in solution in Tris-EDTA at room temperature, rather than freeze drying samples.


Cell Lines Shipping Conditions


All cell lines are shipped on dry ice via our preferred courier DHL. Mammalian cell lines are particularly sensitive to temperature changes, and we aim to get them to you as fast as we can. If for any reason your product does not arrive as expected please let our team know by contacting us at


Shipping Costs


When you add a plasmid product to our website cart you will notice that no shipping cost is initially shown, this is because you will need to enter your country in the address box in order for the cart to calculate the costs. Our shipping costs are based on the DHL world zone pricing plans, as such the price may vary depending your location.

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