AAV Production Kits

Kit Overview

Adeno-associated virus (AAV) is often the preferred method for delivering genes to target cells due to its, broad
infectious tropism, high titer, low immunogenicity and overall safety. To facilitate researchers producing AAV
for research purposes Oxford Genetics has produced 3 optimised plasmids. 

Production Components

  • pSF-AAV-CMV-EGFP (OG5223) (SnapFast Pro™) - AAV genome plasmid containing EGFP driven by the strong mammalian CMV promoter, between two ITRs.

  • pSF-Helper (OG5221) AAV Ad5 Helper Plasmid (SnapFast Pro™) - Helper plasmid containing all the Adenovirus serotype 5 functions required for AAV production in a transient system.

  • pSF-RepCap (OG5222) AAV Packaging Plasmid (SnapFast Pro™) - AAV packaging plasmid containing the Rep and Cap coding sequences.

Oxford Genetics also provides AAV Custom Solutions and
AAV Licenseable Technologies