Adenovirus Production Kits

Kit Overview

Adenoviral viral vectors can be used for expression of genes in a wide range of cell lines. Oxford Genetics
offers several options for reseachers interested in Adenoviral production. 

Production Components

  • pSF-Ad5 (OG268) Adenovirus Serotype 5 Plasmid (SnapFast Pro™) - Adenovirus serotype 5 cloning vector. This plasmid contains a multiple cloning site in the E1 region to allow the insertion of transgene cassettes from any of our other plasmids. View plasmid

    Komatsu et al. (2018) used OG268 as model for the visualization of both individual incoming and newly replicated genomes in real time in living cells.
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  • pSF-Ad5-WT (OG617) (SnapFast Pro™) - Adenovirus serotype 5 plasmid vector. This plasmid contains the complete viral genome that can be used for the production of replicating wild-type adenovirus serotype 5.
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  • Adenovirus (Ad5) Production Kit - contains the plasmids required for Adenovirus construction and a HEK-293 cell line to allow virus recovery. The plasmids allow genes to be efficiently inserted into the E1 region using either homology based or restriction digest based approaches.
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If you require, Oxford Genetics also provides Adenovirus Custom Solutions
and Adenovirus Licenseable Technologies