Lentivirus Production Kits

Kit Overview

Lentiviral vectors are routinely used for in vivo and ex vivo gene delivery. 3rd generation lentiviral production relies
splitting the components necessary for virus production  across multiple plasmids.

For convenience Oxford Genetics has combined the packing plasmids into a single ready to transfect packaging mix.
This mix (ExLenti) is combined with a Lentivirus genome plasmid (e.g. OG269 shown in the figure below)
 containg the gene of interest to produce high titer Lentivirus particles.

Production Components

  • ExceLenti™ Packaging Mix - A ready to use 3rd generation lentivirus packaging mix reagent containing an optimised packaging plasmids at carefully-defined ratios for maximum vector production. Simply add your plasmid containing lentivirus genome encoding a gene of interest according to the protocol below.

  • Lentivirus Genome Plasmids - 19 Compatible plasmids containing lentivirus genome designed for use with the ExceLenti™ Lentivirus Packaging Mix. Cloning your gene of interest is simple thanks to our optimised SnapFast™ plasmid design.