SnapFast™ Plasmids

Simplifying biology using building blocks of DNA


Oxford Genetics was founded to simplify the process of DNA engineering to make complex biological systems with ease.
Using this synthetic biology approach we have developed a proprietary suite of custom solutions and licensable
technologies that enable the efficient discovery, design and development of complex biologics. 

Cleaner DNA

All of our DNA plasmid systems have been pre-designed to 'snap' together, allowing us to produce more complex DNA systems in minimal time.

Our expert team of engineers are here to help you create the viral, protein or gene editing systems you need for your research and development pipeline.   

Synthetic Biology Ready

Our pioneering SnapFastTM DNA system was conceived back in 2011, before the rise of Synthetic biology as a mainstream concept.

The use of standardized DNA parts with pre-defined biological activity is one of the founding principles of Oxford Genetics, and this principle has helped us to establish ourselves as a market leading provider of customized solutions for mammalian cell and viral vector engineering.

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