Scalable AAV Custom Solutions

AAV Vector Engineering Solutions

Our team of bioinformaticians and molecular biologists can deploy our full suite of automated DNA engineering robotics to help you improve your vectors. Custom solutions include:

  • Promoter engineering and discovery
  • Capsid engineering and discovery
  • DNA optimization and high throughput variant screening
  • Expression cassette improvement and optimization

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AAV Production


  • We combine our proprietary AAV production plasmids with GMP derived cell lines to produce high quality AAV 
  • Expert scientific support from AAV design to delivery
  • Flexibility and versatility in all aspects of the service
  • Full customer project tracking and monitoring throughout



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Packaging Cell Line Development

We partner with clients on cell line engineering projects requiring high productivity of AAV in a GMP compliant cell line. Whether it's to integrate the AAV genome, an inducible Rep-Cap or the Adenovirus Help into the chromosome of cells, our cell engineering team are here to help. 

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AAV Technologies

Here's some of our pioneering AAV technologies:

  • Improved AAV manufacturing plasmid vectors for higher titers and improved product quality
  • The worlds only contamination free Adenovirus based AAV production technology
  • GMP qualified master cell bank for AAV manufacture

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