Improving Delivery Systems


The use of rational design at the DNA level to develop new viral vectors that are more infectious or gene therapies that work in new ways to deliver genetic material more efficiently is another of the ways in which Oxford Genetics is leveraging its proprietary SnapFast™ technology.


A limiting factor in the development of new biotherapeutic classes is the effective delivery of a therapeutic dose to the target cell or tissue. It is widely acknowledged that the current generation of viral vectors used in gene therapies are far from ideal in terms of both infectivity and production yields, and yet their use is increasing exponentially. The consequence of this is increasing demand to produce vast quantities of viral particles to support clinical development and ultimately the commercial supply requirements.


Oxford Genetics is helping the biotherapeutic industry to overcome these limits by the creation of the next generation of viral vectors that are more infective and so permit the production of smaller batches of viral particles due to the requirement for smaller therapeutic doses.