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Lentiviral Vector Engineering

Our team of bioinformaticians and molecular biologists can deploy our full suite of automated DNA engineering robotics to help you improve your vectors. Custom solutions include:

  • Promoter design, engineering and discovery
  • Glycoprotein modification and screening
  • DNA optimization and high throughput transgene variant screening
  • Expression cassette improvement and optimization
  • Arrayed and pooled library development

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Lentiviral Production


  • Using our proprietary lentiviral production plasmids and GMP derived cell lines we produce lentiviral particles at high quality in small and large scale
  • Expert scientific support from lenti design to delivery
  • Flexibility and versatility 
  • Full project tracking and monitoring throughout



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World First: Lentiviral Producer Cell Line Development Service

  • Using proprietary lentiviral systems we are able generate stable, inducible, lentiviral packaging cell lines
  • Built on a fully validated and tested master GMP cell bank
  • Suspension serum free system

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