The Complete AAV Manufacturing Solution

Licensable Technologies

High Titer Suspension Transient AAV Manufacturing System

  • HEK-293 GMP qualified suspension cell line
  • Proprietary AAV plasmids that signficantly improve productivity
  • Improved full:empty ratio using novel vector design
  • Off-the-shelf solution for AAV manufacture

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The Worlds Only Contamination Free Adenovirus Based AAV Production System

  • No contaminating adenovirus
  • Increased titers
  • Improved full:empty AAV particle ratio 

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HEK-293 GMP Qualified Master Cell Bank for AAV Manufacture

  • Access a fully validated and tested HEK-293 cell line
  • Already in use for viral manufacture
  • Suitable for AAV, Lenti, Adeno or vaccine manufacture
  • Suspension, serum-free, scalable GMP solution

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Inducible AAV and Packaging Cell Lines

  • The only inducible AAV system for HEK-293 cells
  • Packaging cell lines in development, launch due in 2018
  • Systems built working in collaboration with MeiraGTx  

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