The Complete Adenoviral Manufacturing Solution

Licensable Technologies

High Titer GMP Ready Adenoviral Manufacturing System

  • Access a fully validated and tested master HEK-293 cell bank already in use for adenoviral manufacture
  • High productivity and scalable suspension, serum-free, system
  • Plasmid systems and engineering available for wild type and E1/E3 deleted variants
  • Expert scientific support 

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GMP Solution for Toxic Transgenes - HEK-293TetR

  • Suspension, serum-free, stable HEK-293 cell lines expressing the tetracycline repressor
  • Fully validated and tested in GMP
  • Scalable and demonstrated to outperform competing systems
  • Available for vaccine and gene therapy development
  • Full traceability 

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Adenovirus Type 5 Plasmid Systems 

  • Out of the box solution for adenoviral vector development
  • High titer and stable
  • Wild type and E1/E3 deleted systems available
  • Efficient cloning systems for any adenoviral genomic loci
  • Access a range of adenoviral vector configurations for vaccine and gene therapy applications

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World First: Complete Removal of Adenovirus Contamination from AAV Manufacturing

  • Proprietary adenoviral system containing a genetic negative feedback loop to completely prevent adenoviral packaging in the late phase of its life cycle
  • >2.4 million fold reduction in adenoviral contamination
  • Validated in an adherent and suspension system
  • Improves AAV titers and particle:infectivity ratio

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