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Toxic Genes? Try Our HEK-293TetR GMP Cell Line

  • Many viral genes and trangenes can be toxic to cells, making manufacture impossible
  • Our master GMP cell bank of HEK-293 cells expressing TetR can suppress gene expression during manufacture
  • Outperforms competing TetR based systems
  • Available for both research and GMP use

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Expression Plasmid Systems for Viral Vaccines

  • Oxford Genetics has previously worked with global pharma to generate improved vaccine expression systems for vaccine development, including for Influenza, Dengue and Zika expression
  • Using novel promoters and proprietary algorithms we are able to generate and screen DNA systems to maximize protein expression
  • Expertise in creating DNA systems with >5 trangenes

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HEK-293 GMP Qualified Cell Line for Vaccine Manufacture

  • Access a fully validated and tested HEK-293 cell line
  • Already in use for viral vaccine manufacture
  • Suitable for AAV, Lenti, Adeno or vaccine manufacture
  • Suspension, serum-free, scalable GMP solution

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